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Featured in Chicago Tribune's 
Top 10 New Faces in Chicago Theatre 
August 2013


"This 25-year-old California native arrived in Chicago in January of last year after studying theater at Boston University. Rochelle Therrien quickly found her way to the Theo Ubique Theatre, increasingly a destination of choice for young musical-theater talents. And last March she turned in a remarkably seductive and shrewdly crafted performance in director Fred Anzevino's intimate production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Aspects of Love." "


- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune theater critic, July 24, 2013

​"An infectious delight”​


“Rochelle Therrien, a new star on the Chicago horizon, gifted with beauty, grace, emotional intensity and talent” 

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times​

​"Remarkably intense"

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune​​


"Lovely and petulant and beguiling as

she should be”

​​“Fresh vocal talent”​​


“Therrien sings with a youthful brightness.  Her adorability and precociousness translate beautifully into her songs”

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